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Power of power Bi

All you need to know about Revit and it’s parameters at one place .


A template for beginners. A template for extreme Revit users. Revolutionary concept to highly organised Revit...

Universal Standard

Universally standardising doors and windows Consistent sizes, number of millions, angles, frame profile. These combined to...


Parameters whether it’s instance or type, can be named in such a way that it’s easy...

Fun App styles in Revit

Once you capture the essence of Revit and it’s potential, one can combine the features of...

Site area Calculations

Custom parameters used in 2d annotations to calculate final areas and their percentages

Aligning Doors and Windows to Bricks

Revit 3D families to align doors and windows to bricks.

Most powerful Tool

Show work plane.

Desktop Background to help Organise icons

Such a simple way to keep icons organized For the Revit Gurus and users, you can...

Magic of Matchlines

Useful matchlines

Useful links for Revit families

Some external links to download Revit Families.

Revit families to take advantage of detail level

Using detail levels like Coarse, medium and fine to change the visibility in various views. Plan,...

Material schedule for the project

Custom families using global parameters to create project based material schedules ( Finish schedule ) Phases...

One sheet family for all standard sizes

Using one sheet family to have options to change to any standard sizes like A1, A2,...

Global parameters for Material in Furniture Families

Multiple Doors and Windows option

Setting up curtain panels as multiple doors and windows options.

Legends in Revit

How to find how many sheets have particular Legend… Just like the View templates, we can...

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